Välkommen till Tullkammaren Giuliano Garonzi


Vi är både glada och stolta att få välkomna en ny hyresgäst till oss på Tullkammaren: Giuliano Garonzi och hans Studio Garonzi.

Vi vill samla olika typer av människor och bolag inom affär och marknad, varumärke och kommunikation för att kunna skapa fler möjligheter för utveckling och samarbete. Vi vet att det kan uppstå magi i dessa möten och det är just det vi vill skapa hos oss på Tullkammaren. Just därför känns det extra roligt att Giuliano vill dela sin tid med oss.

Who is Giuliano?

I am an art director and a graphic designer.

What do you do?

On August 2018 I opened Studio Garonzi, a small studio that in a short time has been recognised as a place to go to if you want a ’think outside the box’ kind of attitude and outcome. I work on everything related to communication with clients spread around the world, like in New York, Portland, Melbourne, Amsterdam, Verona, Cagliari, and lately Umeå too. I see my studio more and more like a brand that can easily work for clients and help them with their needs, but at the same time the studio creates its own products that people can buy. Art and commerce can go hand in hand as I’m sure the two can benefit from each other.

Why Tullkammaren?

I know some people there and when I got ask if I wanted to have a spot there it felt right as the question came at the perfect time. My head office is in Vännäs, where I live. There I have everything I need to work. I even have my own screen print shop and from the window I can see the Umeälven. It’s contemplating. The nice thing with the space at Tullkammaren is that I can see the Umeälven too from my window. And I love that visual connection between the two offices.

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